Technology Services

With continuous improvements and upgrades, Martin & Brunavs is working to become a leader among law firms serving the financial services industry.  We consider technology a key to delivering superior services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Through technology we have streamlined processes and improved the efficiency with which we operate and interact within our office and with our clients.  The resulting efficiency and time savings allows our employees and attorneys to become more client-focused, finding creative solutions to each client’s unique circumstance.

A top priority for the firm is finding new ways to electronically communicate and share information with our clients. Examples of our technological capabilities and services include:

  • Custom designed reporting
  • Personal emails
  • NewInvoice
  • LenStar
  • Turbo Close Real Estate Closings
  • LandTech Closing Software
  • I-Clear Billing System
  • VenderScapeCMS
  • NewTrak
  • NewImage Express
  • LPS Asset Management (“LPSAMS”)
  • REOTrans

For more information regarding these and future technology services offered by our firm, please refer to the Technology Services section of our Contact page.

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